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Did you know?

The Aru Islands (also Aroe Islands or Kepulauan Aru) are a group of about ninety-five low-lying islands in the Maluku province of eastern Indonesia. They also form a regency of Maluku province, with a land area of 6,269 square kilometres located south west of New Guinea.  GTPs originating from Aru can be a bluey-green or a rich, mossy shade of green. They tend to have clusters of white scales along their dorsal line, as well as scattered white scales over their sides.  Some Aru animals also show blue, particularly on their sides and belly region. They are known for having relatively short, stumpy tails. Hatchlings are yellow with brown markings.

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The Classic Chondro!

"The Aru specimens are typically known for having a calm disposition and make for incredible animals to keep. “High White” individuals are considered by some to be the most incredible appearance of all the Green Pythons." - Ryan Young, Molecular Reptile


HW CB ARU White Development and Progression Example

Not all CB Arus are created equal in the white development department...

Surely genetics play a major roll as Ryan Young of WWW.MOLECULARREPTILES.COM long term multi generational HW project clearly demonstrates to me. For all those out there still wondering…

Yeah, it's something to think about!

To buy Captive Bred or Farm Bred, that is often the question at hand. David C Haisten of Chondro Jungle details one of the many reasons why CB should always be the beginner to intermediate Keeper's first choice... If you didn't…

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UV Exposure & Richness of Coloration

UV Exposure & Richness of coloration... Is there a relationship?

Chondro: UNO, 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python  
Hatched: July 13th, 2015 
Lighting: Reptisun 5.0 16W 
Distance from perch: 6-12" 
Camera: Note4 

Same camera, lighting, and conditions for…

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"Blind Bastard" a different kind of Aru keeper success!

Success comes in many packages and can be measured in many ways... This is the kind that just warms our heart! 

Meet Canadian Aru Keeper Web Wheeler's seven year old Aru wonder! These photos show Blind Bastard from a baby until recently who at birth Web was…

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Pothos Planters the Aru Chondro Fan Way

Pothos planters (Voss glass water bottles) that won't take up a lot of enclosure space and use no dirt or soil. Held securely in the rear corners with a custom 3D printed bracket... Little project we're working on for the animals. Live…

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Aru Chondro Keeper Makes IHS front cover!

Huge congratulations to our friend Gary Elliott of Paradise Chondros who has gotten his article published in the ihs journal on the front cover!

"The I.H.S. was originally founded in 1969 by a very small group of reptile enthusiasts…

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Meet the Family

UNO 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python

UNO 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python

ZOD, LTC 1.0 Aru Green Tree Python

ZOD, LTC 1.0 Aru Green Tree Python

DOS, 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python

DOS, 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python


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