HW CB ARU White Development and Progression Example

Not all CB Arus are created equal in the white development department...

Surely genetics play a major roll as Ryan Young of WWW.MOLECULARREPTILES.COM long term multi generational HW project clearly demonstrates to me. For all those out there still wondering if HW Arus are even possible to produce in captivity, check out Ryan's projects and I think you will agree careful attention to selecting sub-locality matched HW founder animals along with long term dedication to multi generational well thought out pairings and the answer is pretty clear, Yes it can be done. It already has been! Maybe though, it's not just genetics? Could there be trigger factors that help to encourage the white expression assuming the genetics are there first and foremost? Can white developement be influenced and expression encouraged assuming the genetics are there by outside trigger factors such as dietary supplementation and/or full spectrum lighting & UV exposure? If you have been following my work with the latter you know I believe possibly it can and the results thus far within the context of my kids have been promising although far from conclusive. 

Can you predict or at least read the potential for white developement based solely on visual cues of an unchanged neonate? While I don't know the definitive answer to that, my research thus far consisting mainly of the review of thousands of pictures leads me to speculate with enough experience you may be able to identify potential. With that said however, there is a reason most dedicated breeders with a high white endgame in mind hoard all thier babies well past OCC.

This subject interests me greatly and without the experience of raising large numbers of Aru neonates through OCC the only way to further my knowledge and understanding of the process is to examine others. As time goes on I hope to feature progression photos of HW CB Arus so we can inspect and learn together!

Why not kick this off with one of my favorite CB Arus shown below at different stages pre, during, and post OCC.

Meet "Juwel", a 0.1 Captive Bred in Germany by Markus Weier Aru Green Tree Python belonging to Michelle "mj" Jones of the UK. As far as HW CB Arus go, this is in my mind an excellent example and gorgeous animal coming from HW parents. So I wonder, if HW+HW=HW in this case... Why not in so many others? I'd say it's pretty clear there is much more to the story than simple genetics as many HW pairing have proven HW+HW does not often = HW. Interestingly enough while this animal was raised without any direct UV exposure from about a year on had daily access to full spectrum lighting... UVA/B may be a factor while I believe full spectrum lighting may be as well. They are not one and the same. What do you think? 


Beginning of OCC:

Further into OCC:

Subadult Post OCC:

Adult approximately 4yrs of age:



Have pictures demonstrating the development  and progression of white developement in your Aru Green Tree Python? We'd love to see them and possibly feature them on our site! Send to aruchondro@gmail.com

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