UV Exposure & Richness of Coloration

UV Exposure & Richness of coloration... Is there a relationship?

Chondro: UNO, 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python  
Hatched: July 13th, 2015 
Lighting: Reptisun 5.0 16W 
Distance from perch: 6-12" 
Camera: Note4 

Same camera, lighting, and conditions for all pictures. None have been edited in any way. Richness of coloratrion in pictures is pretty accurate, he glows in the enclosure/lighting and in the open room light as well. The sibling even more so with the same exposure although due to the heavier markings on that one I thought this was better suited for comparison. 

Picture 1. 10/21/15 2 Days Exposure (none what so ever prior to this) 
Picture 2. 11/24/15  
Picture 3. 12/10/15 
Picture 4. 1/28/15 

What do you guys think... Typical color progression prior to OCC? Do you agree there is very noteable richening/deepening of the yellow? Would you in any way attribute this to lighting, something else, or natural progression? 

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