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The Aru Islands (also Aroe Islands or Kepulauan Aru) are a group of about ninety-five low-lying islands in the Maluku province of eastern Indonesia. They also form a regency of Maluku province, with a land area of 6,269 square kilometres located south west of New Guinea.  GTPs originating from Aru can be a bluey-green or a rich, mossy shade of green. They tend to have clusters of white scales along their dorsal line, as well as scattered white scales over their sides.  Some Aru animals also show blue, particularly on their sides and belly region. They are known for having relatively short, stumpy tails. Hatchlings are yellow with brown markings.

Also see - The Aru Islands in perspective: a general introduction


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The Classic Chondro!

"The Aru specimens are typically known for having a calm disposition and make for incredible animals to keep. “High White” individuals are considered by some to be the most incredible appearance of all the Green Pythons." - Ryan Young, Molecular Reptile


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Exo Terra enclosures for neonates done right!

Exo Terra’s for Neos? I think so!

A lot of keepers are opposed to Exo Terra enclosures for chondros, especially neos and it's easy to understand the reasoning behind this. As is, it’s fair to say they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to retaining humidity, keeping stable temps, and offering the opportunity for the inhabitant to feel secure. Yet, all these concerns can be addressed and I believe they can make great enclosures with the modifications outlined.

The 2 main reasons I decided to go this…

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Meet the Family

UNO 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python

UNO 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python

ZOD, LTC 1.0 Aru Green Tree Python

ZOD, LTC 1.0 Aru Green Tree Python

DOS, 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python

DOS, 2015 USCBB Aru Green Tree Python


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