Green Tree Python Husbandry – The Basics

Written by Matt Morris & David Newman

I. Introduction to the MVF and The GTP Husbandry Guide

The Morelia Viridis Forum is one of the most valuable resources for all things concerning green tree pythons. Because it’s an unmoderated forum, the MVF has members with personalities as colorful, and unpredictable as chondros themselves. But with the goal of helping each other out, regardless of experience, the members of the MVF have built a community of straightforward, reliable information about all aspects of owning chondros.

Like any online community, the MVF relies on participation by its members, and the addition and participation of new members. It relies on healthy debate, and the inflow of new methods of approaching husbandry and breeding. In fact, the sharing of knowledge has been the backbone of chondro ownership, and the spirit of “doing this together” continues to pave the way in our community.

The following guide includes many topics about owning chondros into a single piece of literature. Much of the information came from the MVF, so it’s really a collaborative effort of our community. This guide isn’t all encompassing, and new ideas and information are being added to the forum every day. But we hope it will offer a good way to answer new keepers’ basic questions. The forum’s “search” function is another great way to find more information. It can be found on the right hand side of the main page and is great for searching the forum’s archives. Everybody is always encouraged to join the discussions and post their inquiries. These are truly fascinating animals and as it is often said, it’s impossible to own just one.

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A Quick Word About Chondros

While there are many "learn-as-you-go" species of reptiles, green tree pythons are not one of them. Because they have specific husbandry demands, you will need to ask yourself several questions before buying your first chondro:

  • How familiar am I with common chondro terminology?

  • What research have I done about the basic husbandry needs of chondros?

  • Where will I buy my first chondro?

  • Do I have the time and resources to devote to this species?

Although chondros aren't difficult to keep, you can't skip or skimp on key husbandry elements. Doing so will lead to health complications. And even though the cost of USCB animals has decreased, there are still high costs associated with the snake, reliable equipment, and the right enclosure. Don't cut corners with your animal or equipment; it will likely cost you more money and heartache in the long run. The best advice is to be patient, do research, and prepare for this new commitment long before your chondro arrives. Also, it's important to keep in mind that every animal has its own "personality." By taking time to learn to read an animal's behavior, your enjoyment and success with chondros will surely follow

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